Why We're Doing This

Locally owned food and beverage businesses around the Portland area are suffering huge losses by closing their doors to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As Portland food lovers ourselves, we want nothing more than to see these businesses and their employees make it through this difficult time, and we're sure others share our feelings!

We created this resource to help the Portland community find restaurants, food carts, cafes, wineries, breweries, and more that are providing takeout and delivery options. Help support these small businesses by placing to-go orders or purchasing gift cards to use at a later date.

And if you own a business that you would like to be added to this list (or if you need your information updated), please let us know! We're working hard to keep the site up to date as quickly as possible!

Who Made This?

We're Foundry 503 - a local agency specializing in web design, development, and photography. We work with many of the business listed here and wanted to help, so we made this site.

Does It Cost?

Our site is (and will always be) free to use, free to submit to and be listed on, and ad-free.

How Can I Help?

Spread the word! Tell your friends, patronize your favorite restaurant, wash your hands, let us know if we're missing anyone. If you have a creative idea for other ways to help out, we're all ears. Drop us an email and let's chat.